I am not a creative person, most of my drawings are copies from other drawings and photos in magazines, books and on-line. Of course, compared to the originals, mine are just like kids' drawings. 

Cooking is the same as my drawing. Usually,  90% of the time I fail.
However, when I succeed, i feel like I can fly!

我不是一個創造性的人,我只會抄繪其他圖紙, 照片,雜誌,書籍 等。當然,相對於原稿,我只是像小孩子一樣的圖畫。我想, 有原稿十分之一都好滿足吧!

烹飪也是一樣,通常情況下,在我不段嘗試的 當中, 有90%是失敗的。

繪畫和烹飪都不是我的強行, 但我有興趣. 雖然有90次的失敗, 但有一次的成功. 那就足以令我開心正天. 快樂就是這麼簡單...